Whoa!  Wonder what it will hit the market at price wise.  That is one light bike if the weight is accurate.  That is with WTB i23 wheelset with GK 43s, Ultegra drive train and a bunch of Oval alloy parts....

The alloy equivalent is 23 lbs.  How on earth did they knock that much weight off??

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My bike is 7.9kg; JOM (Gravel cyclist) has a detailed build of his light weight Rokker (going so far as to get titanium bolts and cutting them to length).  My frame weighs under 1kg.  Wheels and tires are a big part of the weight - I drop a pound when I go to my road configuration.  Light Rotor cranks, Ultegra, carbon for seating and cockpit areas...
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According to the frameset is 2kg. If that is correct, and based on the build specification, I estimate this would weigh 8.8kg.
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That's ok for a stock 52cm. My Devinci Hatchet ultegra XL (60cm) is less than 19 pounds with time atac 8 pedals and 2 blackburn bottle cages (after market DTSWISS ER1400 and GK slick 38c)
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