I like this bike, It served as my road bike, Hey my roads were bad In Central Florida. Had It for a year now but have never ridden It on gravel. I've moved and now have lots of gravel here In western NC.
Tons of fantastic Single track but that's for my Scott Scale 720 Plus bike.

Am sure It will fit 40c tires maybe even 43c's If they exist. A wheel off measure shows I have 46mm of clearance In the spots that count. I'll have to keep the 2x10 as Is because I got tons of climbing to work on.

My brain keeps telling me to mount up the Maxxis Ravager's In the 700x40c 120tpi flavor.
I like bigger treads, and think I need bigger tread blocks.
But then common sense surfaces so I think maybe the Maxxis Rambler of the same size would be a smarter choice.
I could care less about pavement speed or noise as this bike will be 80% Gravel and 20% pavement,, just to reach the gravel.

The thing Is I got really mean grades to work out on, like 22-24%, doable because they are shorter and yeah I know It's going to be really hard, It sure Is on my mountain bike.
Talking lung busting leg screaming not making it to the top yet climbing.

Ok so The gravel, chunky stuff that gets loose in places, not pea gravel, I got rocks the size of cut In half golf balls and a bit larger..

My question? I know fat/volume is key but do I need the larger chunkier treads Of the Ravager ?
I've had really good luck on Maxxis tires, a bit too chicken to risk a $100 On two of any other brand..

Whatcha think people ?
Bikes still on the stock  700x32c's
Shut Up Legs !
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